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Tema  1. Never judge a book by its cover
1.1. Grammar reference: word formation
1.2. Grammar reference: More about adjectives
1.3. Grammar reference: relative clauses
1.4.  Grammar reference: Deduction: present and past
1.5.  Writing tips: How to write an informal

Tema  2. Down to earth
2.1. Grammar reference: What`s in a noun?
2.2.  Grammar reference: Modals and expression of probability
2.3. Grammar reference: Conditionals. Alternatives to if
2.4.  Grammar reference: Punctuation marks
2.5. Pronunciation Reference

Tema 3. Home sweet home
3.1. Grammar reference. Verbs in a state!
3.2. Grammar reference. Modals of obligation / absence of obligation/prohibition/advice
3.3. Grammar reference. The imperative
3.4. Grammar reference. Have/Get something done
3.5. Writing tips: Follow this pattern

Tema 4. A penny for your thoughts
4.1. Grammar reference. Infinitive and –ing
4.2. Vocabulary. Let`s Count
4.3. Reading. A rich man
4.4. Grammar reference. Infinitive versus ing
4.5. Grammar reference. Saxon Genitive and double Genitive
4.6. Vocabulary. Expression
4.7. Listening. Weird Jobs
4.8. Grammar Reference. Participle clauses

Tema 5. Caught red-handed
5.1. Grammar reference. Order! Order!
5.2. Grammar reference. Emphasis
5.3. Grammar reference. Inversions
5.4. Grammar reference. Tag questions
5.5.  Grammar reference. Cleft sentences
5.6.  Writing tips. Write a review

Tema 6. Out and about
6.1. Grammar reference. Used to
6.2. Grammar reference. Would
6.3. Grammar reference. Narrative tenses
6.4. Grammar reference. Gradation of adverbs
6.5. Grammar reference. About prepositions
6.6. Vocabulary. Leisure: Travelling
6.7. Pronunciation reference. Pronunciation of –ed

Tema 7. TV or not TV
7.1. Grammar reference. Impersonal report structures
7.2. Grammar reference. Characteristics headlines
7.3. Grammar reference. Clauses expressing contrast
7.4. Pronunciation reference. Constrastive intonation

Tema 8. An apple a day keeps the doctor away
8.1. Grammar reference. Reported speech. Reporting statements and commands
8.2. Grammar reference. Reposting questions and indirect questions
8.3. Vocabulary tip: Ache, pain and hurt
8.4. Writing tips
8.5. Pronunciation reference: Homographs and homophones

Tema 9. No regrets just lessons learned
9.1. Grammar reference. I wish / If only
9.2. Grammar reference. Would rather / would sooner / had better
9.3. Grammar reference. Group nouns
9.4. Grammar reference. It`s time / It`s about time / It`s high time
9.5. Vocabulary. False friends
9.6. Pronunciation Reference /s/ - /z/ - /f/

Tema 10. Facebook = lenguaje facelift?
10.1 Grammar reference. Future continuos and perfect
10.2. Grammar reference. The future form past perspective
10.3. Vocabulary reference. Compounds with –ever
10.4. Grammar reference. Use of articles
10.5. Writing tips
10.6.Grammar reference. In short
10.7 Vocabulary. Dictionary advice